Our Bird's Eye View

To be the preferred service provider
in Malaysia and South East Asia for the Port Industry.

Our Mission

  • Develop technology tools for the port industry for Automation, Green Technology and Improvement of Operational productivity and safety.
  • To be a preferred company to work for, with values of human relations and leadership development as part of our main strategy.

Our people are invaluable assets

For this reason, we pride ourselves on making balance a priority. With this in mind, we encourage personal development alongside professional growth, family values as much as career progression, and a flexible work culture.

Our Core Values

At Usaha Teknikal, diversity, trust and empowerment are qualities that we actively cultivate as part of our corporate culture. In an age where inclusivity has become more vital than ever, we embrace differences by finding common ground and leading by example.

It goes without saying our people have the qualifications, skills-set, expertise and capabilities to cater to the various needs of the Malaysian port sector.

This is coupled with empathy, mindfulness, and by embracing our core values. With constant advances and changes in the industry worldwide, we keep abreast of new trends and discoveries not only by constantly enhancing our people but by helping them to challenge themselves and develop their talent.

This core value is the bedrock of how we conduct ourselves and it ensures we are honest and ethical in the way we approach every aspect of our business from technical solutions and critical expertise to how we treat our employees, customers and clients as well as the environment.

Whether it is in raising our own standards, completing tasks, solving complex problems or encouraging a team spirit, determination propels us to address each aspect with gusto and to always do more.

Building relationships internally and externally is integral to us. Every connection plays a part in our progress and our philosophy is to encourage open communications, help people aspire and thrive, and to respect diverse views.

It begins with our pledge and passion to deliver on our promise to each and every stakeholder, and this drives us in every endeavour from start to end, while aiming for mutually-beneficial results.

Meet our Management Team

We are a team of professionals with extensive management experiences from diverse roles and various projects management at renowned multinational companies.


Syed Sadiq

Managing Director

Business and Marketing Degree


Alizi Ismail

Sales Director

Aeronautical Engineering Degree


Collin Swee

Associate Director

Law Degree and Barrister at Law

Meet our Team

Our credibility and abilities are shaped by a 60-strong team of dedicated, highly qualified people who are driven to excel in each of their areas of speciality, be it multi-disciplined engineering, technical expertise, or sales and support.

Our Responsibility

As part of developing sustainably and respectfully, and with a view to leaving our part of the world in a way that will benefit the environment and generations to come, Usaha Teknikal supports the following corporate social responsibility (CSR) causes through volunteerism, financial contributions and spreading knowledge.

Save the Rhinos

Usaha Teknikal supports the conservation and protection of the endangered rhinoceros species. We are totally against the poaching of rhinos by hunters to get their horns for traditional medicine. We hope to create more awareness about the plight of the species through our company logo and other initiatives.

We Support Projek57

Social enterprise Projek57 was established to spread the message of hope among Malaysians, while raising funds for under-served communities. Inspired by the vision of people from all walks of lives embracing each other, living and working well together in a diverse country, Projek57 strives to connect and build relations among all Malaysians.