Who We Are

A home-grown company with a keen understanding of the port sector globally, Usaha Teknikal is a 100% Bumiputra accredited company that prides ourselves on our expertise in specialized port equipment systems and engineering services in Malaysia.
Usaha Teknikal

With our goal being to support and enhance the capabilities and efficiencies of each port we work with, we have established ourselves as a company which goes the distance for clients, by providing customised, integrated solutions that aims to set each one apart in a highly competitive market.

Our credibility and abilities are shaped by a 60-strong team of dedicated, highly qualified people who are driven to excel in each of their areas of speciality, be it multi-disciplined engineering, technical expertise, or sales and support.

Our Expertise


Backed by the company’s track record of close to 11 years and collective team experience gained from both Usaha Teknikal led projects and their individual involvement in past projects under multinationals like Siemens, Kone Cranes, Kalmar, and Gottwald Port Systems, our company aspires to raise the benchmark in the logistics sector by ensuring our clients are able to push boundaries and scale new heights. This makes Usaha Teknikal ideal partners in the Malaysian port industry. While our primary focus is to serve port logistics involving ships, we are progressively making inroads into managing containers that arrive by the rail. The rail sector will form the secondary part of our portfolio.

Where We Are

With our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and offices as well as facilities located across Malaysia, we are well positioned to manage the diverse needs of clients in a timely, results-oriented and cost-efficient manner.

Our Projects

Our impeccable track record affirms that we can manage great projects with excellence.

POIC Sabah

Asset Management and Operations

Doha Port, Qatar

Refurbishment of RTG to Hybrid System

Johor Port

IMPSA Ship to Shore Cranes Refurbishment and Upgrades

Penang Port

Leasing of Terminal Tractors


Maintenance of the Entire Fleet of Westports Reach Stackers

Penang Port

Leasing of RTG Equipment

Our Business

Our areas of technical expertise in the port equipment system and engineering services.

Operations &

Providing a skilled and capable team in the operations, maintenance and repair works of cranes and mobile equipment.

Leasing of

Usaha Teknikal owns a fleet of equipment that has been deployed across several locations where they are leased to port operators.

Refurbishment &

We have developed the competencies through the implementation of many projects of this nature within the region.


Through the improvements in connectivity and automation, Port operators stand to gain in greater efficiencies and consistency within their industry.

Research &

Striving to make the products and equipment better to work with, robust and cost efficient to maintain.

We know how to manage great projects

Since 2007, we have been enabling our clients to gain greater efficiencies, while aspiring to create niche home-grown products that can meet the needs of ports cost effectively.

Partners and Brands

Strategic partners and brands which we work closely with every day.

Our Key Customers

Present in most ports in Malaysia and Brunei, our key customers are in :

  • Penang Port, Malaysia
  • Muara Port, Brunei
  • Bintulu Port, Malaysia
  • Northport, Malaysia
  • POIC Sabah, Malaysia