Usaha Teknikal is involved

in four key areas when it comes to ports in Malaysia:
Leasing of Equipment, Operations and Maintenance,
Crane Refurbishment and Upgrades, and Automation.

Research and Development is a vital component for any company.

With more than 11 years to our name, we are always finding ways to enable our clients to gain greater efficiencies, while aspiring to create niche home-grown products that can meet the needs of local ports cost effectively.

Leasing of Equipment

Usaha Teknikal offers you the best in port handling equipment as we own and operate several types of equipment such as Mobile Harbour Cranes, Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes, Reach Stackers, Empty Stackers and Terminal Tractors.
These equipment have been currently deployed in two specific areas: Penang Port and Muara Port in Brunei.
In Penang, we have deployed a Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane that is handling the barges coming in from Thailand, this operations is also supported by a Reach Stacker that assists with the loading and offloading from Prime Movers. In additional to the MHC operation, Usaha Teknikal was recently awarded the contract to handle the containers that come on rail. Our Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes are in operation here to help with the loading and offloading from the rail wagons.
In Brunei, we have a fleet of mobile equipment that move the containers from the quayside to the container yards. This includes all movement be it laden and empty containers. For both these contracts, all maintenance and operations are handled by Usaha Teknikal’s competent team of engineers and technicians.

List of Equipment

Mobile Harbour Cranes
Mobile Harbour Cranes handle all types of cargo, and serve vessels regardless of type and size of terminal.
RTG Cranes
The RTG or Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes are reliable cranes that handle containers in a safe manner, making them reliable and effective.
Reach Stackers
Reach Stackers are capable of lifting and moving, and are the trucks utilised by ports for handling, loading and unloading containers from ships and rails across the terminal.

Operations & Maintenance

Since 2013 Usaha Teknikal has been working closely with Penang Port and this has proven to be a synergistic formula.
Penang Port has two units of Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes that are located in the Prai Bulk Terminal. Usaha Teknikal manages the maintenance and all operations for these cranes through an effective and highly capable team that understands the clients’ needs.

Refurbishment & Upgrades

Refurbishment or crane upgrades are usually needed when equipment reaches a certain age in service but it does not make sense to purchase new equipment due to it being in good condition structurally. Equipment also requires refurbishment to ensure its life cycle can be extended, while keeping it safe for use and operationally in good condition in keeping with stringent industry standards.
Every port intends to be efficient and to increase the life cycle of equipment. We at Usaha Teknikal share this vision as well. We believe that as technology improves and evolves, so must the equipment.
Through the years Usaha Teknikal has developed an excellent core team specialising in this specific area who also bring with them extensive regional experience, with an aim to be cost effective. This is includes onsite works with Electrical and Mechanical items and Commissioning.
Crane structures are made to withstand high impact use and what we do is to integrate these older equipment with the latest technology. Not only will the cranes operate better, they will be able to run longer, hence reducing the capex for the terminals we service.
In early 2018, Usaha Teknikal was awarded a refurbishment and crane upgrade project in Muara Port for 2 units of Mitsubishi cranes that are scheduled to be completed by the first quarter of 2019.

Automation Technology

We are working closely with ABB to develop the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system in Malaysia.
This system enables ports to upskill their workforce and redistribute personnel working in hazardous areas within the port.
Cranes can be operated remotely from a room and one views everything via cameras that are mounted on the crane. Not only has this been proven to improve efficiencies within a port, it has also improved the number of per hour container moves and at the same time improves the maintenance of equipment within the port.
The mainly due to the consistency in the movements of the cranes. Such improvements will significantly reduce the costs to the terminal. Usaha Teknikal is in discussions with several operators to look at implementing this system within their port.
We are in partnership with Identec, a market leader in the RFID space. Identec’s solutions have been applied in many industries from manufacturing to transport.
Given Usaha Teknikal’s experience in transport, machinery and seaports, we are currently focusing on the Reefer RFID solution that Identec has developed for these sectors.
What the system is able to do is track the status of the reefer container from the point of entry to the time it leaves. Much of this process is still done manually by port personnel or an outsource party.
With Identec solutions we can monitor and track the reefers from a desk or hand-held device. More importantly, one can set parameters so warnings can be sent to a device or an alert will appear on a desktop when there is a sudden change in the reefer’s environment.
By automating this process, we help reduce damage to goods and possibly alleviate some disputes and claims should they arise.
* Photos are from our partners.
Usaha Teknikal Recently inked an agreement with Lase to become the exclusive partner in Malaysia. We are are very confident that the knowhow and technology they bring is something ports have been looking for and need to improve efficiency and safety.
Efficient handling of containers becomes more important and due to the permanently competitive markets our laser-based products and software solutions help to enhance efficiency, productivity as well as safety. The increasing level of automation in container terminals and a high demand in risk reduction are the main challenges for port operators worldwide. In this area our laser-based systems help to detect, measure and prevent collisions, which are designed for objects and machines like cranes, containers, transport vehicles, crane booms and further equipments.
The modular design, plus the use of standard, highest quality components, allows maximum utilisation at the customers‘ existing infrastructure and technology (like for Retrofit projects), minimising up-front expenses. Our solutions are available for almost every application in ports and terminals – either on quay cranes for loading and unloading container ships or on yard cranes in landside handling areas. For example the measurement of container positions enables an automatic resp. semi-automatic transshipment of the container. The same applies to a collision avoidance between handling machines, staff, other machines and with the vessel itself. The spectrum of our systems also includes the possibility of accurate container stacking as well as exact position measurement of all types of trucks and straddle carriers. These are just a few purposes for the usage of our laser-based products and applications to optimise container handling processes and to enhance safety.
* Photos are from our partners.

Research & Development

Usaha Teknikal has been investing in the area of R&D because we believe that the only way to stay ahead is to keep on improving the machines we work with.
How can we make them better? And what will make them better? At the moment we are focused on the improvements within the mobile equipment space.
We believe that ports stand to gain significantly with machines that run efficiently and reduce maintenance costs. This will always be on going and something that our dedicated team is hard at work to deliver.

Sales & Marketing

Over the past 2 years, Usaha Teknikal has made strides in the sales of parts and sourcing of materials. This has been the fastest growing division in terms of sales.
This has also allowed us to increase the number of clients we serve and enabled us to work with those from other industries which are not port related.
We see much growth potential from the oil and gas industry and recently the rail sector. Through strong partnerships and complemented by some early successes, we aim to focus on this division so it can grow to its full potential.

Our Clients

  • Bintulu Port
  • Sandakan Port
  • Penang Port Sdn Bhd
  • Westports (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Terminal Petikemas Banjarmasin
  • Sabah International Petroleum
  • KTM


  • Excellent refurbishment of crane units, such as RTG with comprehensive maintenance contract.
  • Outstanding redesign and replacement of PLC and control systems.
  • Excellent engineering refurbishment of crane units.
  • Successful supply and installation of port equipment units to various locations.
  • Erection and Commissioning of port equipment units.
  • Training of technical personnel in the MNCs, in aspects of maintenance planning.
  • Research and development projects for future port equipment.